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    @Malik Umer Farooq I reviewed your account but unfortunately i dont see an error , it will take me some time to figure out the issues in your code
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    @Malik Umer Farooq Should i access the source code of your script ? because i will have to see the issue/error in your code to ensure compatibility with Apache 2.4 on our servers
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    Hello @Malik Umer Farooq , on which server is your website hosted ?
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    Hello, Thank you for posting your query. One of our staff members will be with you shortly. If you are not replied within next few hours, you are welcome to privately message them for your query. Here are our staff profiles : Afzaal Afridi (Lead Network Architect/ Mayor of Chicago) -> Follow Here Syed Shaishad (Mayor of Austin) -> Follow Here Kind Regards, Viewen Developers Team